Standing Up for
Our Values in 28B.

Running to Represent our Chisago County Values in St. Paul

Government is broken in Minnesota, solely because the one-party DFL stranglehold has broken it. I am running for State House in District 28B to strongly represent our values and expose just how crazy Democrat policy has become at our State’s Capitol. As a small business owner, communications professional, dad, and devoted husband of over 10 years, I am seeking the Republican Party Endorsement to bring back accountability against feckless liberal policies that have plagued our state. Ballooning budgets, radical social agendas, coddling criminals, erosion of our constitutional rights, and so much more have defined the last couple years of DFL rule. As your next representative, I will serve with boldness, hold these people accountable, and work to restore some semblance of sanity in St. Paul. I would be incredibly grateful to earn your support as State Representative in District 28B. Click here if you’re willing to help us win!

Harvey (7), Tommy (4), Elizabeth (Elsie), Max, and Lucy (2)

Max Rymer - Experienced Leadership for a New Generation

My wife Elsie and I moved to North Branch during the heat of COVID and the onslaught of craziness government was responsible for during that time. We CHOSE to move our young family to Chisago County because it better represents who we are and where we want to raise a family. I cherish that and will protect the spirit of those values as your next representative. This community has embraced us and I’m now seeking to representative the wonderful people here.

We have three children and attend Lakes Free Church in Lindstrom. Our kids love to ride bikes around our Casselberry Ponds neighborhood.

I’m an entrepreneur and have been a small business owner for the better part of the last ten years. Currently, I am an owner of both a Digital Marketing Agency and Mortgage Company. My experience in politics and business uniquely positions me to be an effective voice for Chisago County. From being the Republican National Committeeman, to building digital marketing campaigns for over 30 legislative and statewide candidates, I know how St. Paul works, how to operate, and how to influence policy effectively at the state level. You can hear me regularly on Justice In The Morning at Twin Cities News Talk.

Husband, Dad, Business Owner, Advocate for our Values
The District
District 28B (1)
Communities in our District
  • Amador Twp
  • Center City
  • Chisago City
  • Chisago Lake Twp
  • Franconia Twp
  • Lindstrom
  • North Branch (Precincts):
  • Shafer
  • Shafer Twp
  • Stacy
  • Sunrise Twp
  • Taylors Falls
  • Wyoming

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