Meet Max.

Max Rymer for State Representative

About Me

I grew up in a middle class family in Northeast Wisconsin. My mom was a nurse and my dad was a UPS driver. Growing up, I had common-sense values instilled in me and there was the typical underpinning of the American Dream throughout my childhood – essentially, that if you “worked hard”, you’d get ahead. More and more, it seems like that American Dream isn’t a reality – especially for those who grew up when I did.

In 2009, I moved to Minnesota for college – attending Northwestern College in Roseville and graduating with a degree in Marketing. It was there that I met my with Elsie (Elizabeth) and we were married in 2014. My career has taken quite a few turns, but in 2016 I founded a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis. It was through that experience, I learned the powerful tool of entrepreneurship. Nothing gets me more excited than building something, bringing innovation to it, and empowering others to help it grow. In 2023, I became an owner of Platform Marketing – a digital marketing agency dedicated to Real Estate Agents. In that same year, our ownership group founded the John Galt Mortgage Company – a mortgage brokerage that’s unapologetically Conservatarian.

Our family moved to North Branch in 2020 from Bloomington after experiencing the intensity of COVID restrictions, deterioration of public safety, and general value mismatch between our personal values during those intense years. We chose Chisago County because this is a special place. We fell in love with our neighborhood, our church, and newfound friends in an area unlike any other in the state. Because this area is special, I feel led to throw my hat in the ring and serve. Daily, we witness why we love North Branch and this county. We’re not alone; many young families are moving to the area for the same reason: because the people are good neighbors and we share similar values.

I’ve been involved in conservative politics since college. My career has intertwined with it many times, as I’ve built websites and digital marketing campaigns for sitting legislators and members of congress. I’ve run statewide campaigns and have gotten a front row seat for how the Left works and how to combat it using tools like social media effectively.

Why now?

We are just a year removed from the most radical and transformative legislative session in our state’s history. We had a $19 Billion surplus. Democrats spent every penny of that and even had the audacity to raise taxes once they did, growing our state budget by a staggering 40%. They enacted some of the of the most barbaric abortion policies on the planet. They enthusiastically passed laws which strip away parental rights and continue to degrade the family unit – even targeting churches and religious institutions who dare disagree with their dogma.

And during that session, what did Democrats do when Republicans tried to offer reasonable amendments to their radical, ill-conceived legislation? They shot them down and told them to shut up at every turn.

The time for “working together for the greater good” is over. Maybe that’s temporary. Maybe it’s not. Democrats killed that spirit and are glad they did. I’m running now because our District needs to send someone who’s going to be an iron curtain on that radical agenda. Utilizing every tool at my disposal, every platform I have – it’s my intent to expose these radical policies to other Minnesotans who may not fully grasp what their representation is actually doing. We’re going to advocate strongly for Constitutional Conservative values, but that’s not enough. We have to take every radical word spoken in the halls of St. Paul and broadcast it to our state. The only way we get back to a place of normalcy, is to remove the DFL chokehold of full control. We can only do that by showing the state the type of extreme people who continue to push our state to the brink. That may not be the “Kumbaya” spirit you’re expecting from a possible legislator, but it is the truth. And the person we send to represent us should be able to articulate the problem and know what needs to happen next.

If you want someone who’s going to “go along to get along” in St. Paul, I’m not your guy. But if you want someone who’s going to speak truth and advocate for our values, who will use whatever megaphone afforded to him to expose the radical ideas being pushed, and who’s unafraid of the political machine that comes down on you for doing it, then I’m asking for your support and vote in November!

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